Data center

In the past surveillance system, alarm system and access control system work separately, now we are able to integrate these systems together and make a big system. There are different regions in one office, and authority for different visitors are variable, to use an intelligent camera with event prevention is a new and efficient solution, you may draw an area or a line to trigger the alarm when some one enters the restricted area.

1. It is recommended to build an IP system for this project.
2. IP camera with Audio the reception desk
3. IP camera with super WDR for Entrance&Exit
4. Intelligent Analytic IP camera to protect some certain area
5. IPC/NVR with Audio I/O for two-way communication
6. IPC/NVR with Alarm I/O for integration
7. Mobile App with pop-up function

Local NVR recording and remote CMS recording for back-up
IPC/NVR with Alarm I/O for third party alarm devices